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Have you allowed in your annual budget for the development of systems?

How long do you feel that it would take you to create a comprehensive system to massage away your worries?

  • 1 year @ $ 15,000 labour
  • 2 years @ $ 30,000 labour
  • 3 years @ $ 45,000 labour…or
  • 8 years @ $ 120,000 labour (the length of time it took to develop the PPMsystem®

    What is the system worth to you to gain control & have the tools to grow your business?

    What type of Captain are you?

    It is the race of your life and the winner takes all… you start out on your journey & notice there is a crack in the hull…

    "We are too busy, not enough time we have work to be done"

    "Patch it up… but the water is still coming in… send more crew members down to bail out the water as we do not have the time or money to focus on a solution at the moment… we have a race to win"

    "This is going to have a huge impact on our success… team meeting!... we must go into shore repair the hull, then beg borrow or steal the finances to get us back in the race"

    Can you afford not to systemise your business?… Invest in a system today… Not a professional indemnity excess tomorrow…

    Sign today and be part of the top 10% that are taking their department & business to the next level…

    Feel welcome to contact us for a personalised proposal outlining the full costs - you maybe pleasantly surprised!

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