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Online Training
Learn Today.... Lead Tomorrow

Following are examples of the DVD and audio sessions that you will find in our 'On-Line Training Portal'.

Reception Training

  1. Answering the Telephone
  2. Dealing with Tenants & Landlords at the Front Reception
  3. Dealing with Difficult Clients
  4. Front Office Reception Forms

Back to the Basics

  1. Systems why have them
  2. Litigation & Risk Management
  3. Time Management
  4. Safety Tips for Property Managers
  5. New Management Enquiry
  6. Tenant Occupancy
  7. Attracting more tenant enquiries
  8. Simple advertising techniques
  9. Importance of making appointments
  10. Tenant Enquiry
  11. Processing an Application
  12. The Tenancy Agreement & Documents
  13. Condition Reports
  14. Payment of Rent and Bond
  15. Security of the Property
  16. Customers Service Tips for new Tenants
  17. Rent Adjustments
  18. Change in Shared Tenancy
  19. Tenancy Renewals
  20. Managing Complaints
  21. Managing Insurance Claims
  22. Routine Inspection Tips
  23. Maintenance Tips
  24. Rent Arrears
  25. Tenancy Breaking of Agreement
  26. Abandonment of Property
  27. Tenants Vacating – The Final Inspection
  28. Tribunal
  29. Loss of Property
  30. Vacant Properties

Advanced Training

  1. Business Model and Strategy
  2. Organisational Structures
  3. The Business Development Manager
  4. The Leasing Consultant
  5. Incentive Structures
  6. How to be more profitable
  7. Key Performance Indicators
  8. Increasing your fees
  9. Improving Your Internal systems
  10. Embracing Change

Creating Motivated Teams

  1. Boosting Office Morale
  2. How to manage the grumpy ones
  3. Incentives and Rewards

Personal Development

  1. Choose your attitude
  2. Eat your Toad
  3. Value your Tenants & Landlords

Building the Rent Roll

  1. Establishing a Database
  2. What is your Unique Selling Point
  3. Marketing Tools
  4. Offer something Free
  5. How can you reach a large market with minimal time
  6. Marketing Strategies

Customer Service

  1. Understanding the needs of our tenants and landlords
  2. Having fun with landlords and tenants

The Listing Presentation

  1. Managing the Enquiry
  2. Understand what it is you do and know what to say
  3. Learn to build connections
  4. The Presentation
  5. Closing the Deal

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