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The landlord newsletter has been established to make your job easier and to assist in developing relationships with your clients’. Use the newsletter to educate your clients and to reinforce that you are interested in meeting their needs. Include your clients’ in office activities through your newsletter. If you are going on holidays, let them know and include a small report on where you went and any holiday highlights. If you receive an office award include a photo of you with the award.

Gradually, you will see a change in your communications with your clients. They will be interested in you, your organisation, and not just their property.

There is an annual on-line credit card fee of $154 incl. GST per individual office site (less than $13.00 per month) to access the newsletter. 

Important Notice: Please note that our End of Month Landlord Newsletter has been written to offer value added information for real estate offices across Australia and Internationally.  The information provided is of a generic nature and does not include specific State updates such as legislation changes.  If you wish to include specific information for your landlords, you can visit our News section on our website which outlines State changes and update the newsletter.

To receive your access codes, all newsletter subscriptions must be registered on-line through our secure connection credit card payment system. A tax invoice will be issued upon approval of payment.

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