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Forum Message: Smart App’s for Property Managers

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If you are one of the majority of the population that has a smart phone, it is interesting to be aware of what ‘smart applications’ are available to assist you with your day to day tasks. Utilising these app’s and tools can often mean leaving bulky devices, like camera’s, compasses & calculators behind as mobile phones transform from ‘just a device to make a call’ to a complete media and management centre. Applications to be on the look-out for (specifically for iphone) are your electronic compass, agent calculator (which converts sqm to squares and can work out rental yields),, bmt tax depreciation calculator, powerpoint converter (for presentations) and many more... Simply by searching real estate agent in your app store, a number of options come up for you to peruse. Everything from floor-plan creators to photographic enhancers can be downloaded at very low prices and sometimes even free. So if you have a smart phone and have not looked into the limitless possibilities now available to you, to assist you with your tasks, take time out to have a browse. You might be pleasantly surprised and find an app that will make you a cup of coffee also (wishful thinking – but with technology the way it’s going .... who knows!)

posted: 28/10/2011 12:18:02 PM


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I have recently been referred to a great i-pad app - Tourwrist. Whilst I am still learning how to use this in the best way for my business - it is another value add, or POD for prospective owners. Check it out also!

posted: 6/03/2012 10:26:43 AM

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