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The Millionaire, The Mansion & The Media Personality....

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, was a magnificent castle called “Symingtonia”. The grand gated castle was once the home of the television series “The Biggest Loser” and host to Sydney's glittering elite and fabulously famous. This spectacular castle.....  Read more in part one of a two part article about the latest in this high profile saga (written by Lisa Jemmeson of Jemmeson Fisher Solicitors)
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Want a free department assessment?

Never seem to have enough hours in the day?  Constantly wondering if there is a better way to do things? We can help you stop guessing and know for sure with a free assessment of your property management department.  We can come to your office if you are within driving distance or we can spend some comprehensive time online assessing the risk level of your current procedures to ensure you are not at risk.    
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On Line PM Training in the comfort of your own office - Pay per office NOT per team member

Become an 'On-Line Training Subscriber' & your entire team will have access to 20+ LIVE training sessions written by Debbie Palmer, as well as access to our training portal resource centre, which includes a wide range of property management DVDs and audios that you can view 24/7.
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Product of the Month

To simplify your internal training needs and to alleviate your team members having to leave the office to attend training seminars, we have introduced our 'Virtual On-Line Training' option. When you become an 'On-Line Training Subscriber' you will have access to our extensive 'DVD and audio library training portal' covering all aspects of property management.

 2 years for the price of 1(that's only $499 per year).   Click here to Order now!

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Government Funded Training Incentives 

Did you know that the Federal Government is keen for all employers to up-skill their team members in Government Approved Nationally Accredited Courses. With this in mind, they offer employers training subsidies of up to $4000 per eligible team member to complete a course.  For more information read the latest Property Management Journal article written by David Jackson from Australian Salesmasters.  Click here to subscribe now!

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Do your clients sometimes make you want to bang your head against a brick wall?

Ever been in a conversation with a landlord or tenant where it seems no matter what you say they just don't seem to get it. You ultimately feel like banging your head against the proverbial ‘brick wall'. Often they are not even listening to what you are saying as they themselves just want to be heard. I guarantee they probably walk away thinking exactly the same thing..  Click here to read more and have your say

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"What happened to my 2 weeks in advance?" 

We have all heard this one before!  I could see your face as soon as you read the title line... This, along with “It is cleaner now than when we first moved in!” , have to be two of the most commonly heard phrases at the end of a tenancy.  So how do we stop our tenants from asking this question and make them understand that there is no miracle kitty with all the tenants 2 week in advance payments?   
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How do you know if it is a landlord or tenant market?


Do you get to the end of month and then rush to put your newsletter together? You can avoid the frustration and last minute panic by downloading our Landlord Newsletter to send with your end of month statements.

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Do you want to be more productive and generate more profits?

Now more than ever is the time for your property management department to work smarter, not harder, in ensuring  you have quality systems in place as a blue print for managing internal operations.  There is nothing worse than successfully generating new business only to find it walking out the back door due to poor performance.  The PPM Group can facilitate in FAST TRACKING the development of your systems. 
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Are you cutting back on training costs?...


The Property Management Journal is Australia's leading industry magazine, covering topics such as: * How to build your profits * How to build your rent roll * How to deliver a quality service * How to manage the day-to-day processes * Tips & Tricks to reduce your stress * Management & Leadership tips and lots more. Click here to subscribe.

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Rent Roll Classifieds

With a readership of more than 8,500 individual real estate agencies nationwide, our on-line classified service can assist you to buy or sell a rent roll. No brokerage fees!
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Are you looking for a PM Service Provider?


Opening the door to a world of service providers who can assist your business.

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We are here to listen to what you have to say… You are the reason we are in business!  Click here to let us know your thoughts and how we can better assist you.


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Debbie is coming to Sydney & Melbourne
How to Improve Profits, Productivity Performance & Grow the rentroll in Tough Times.

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12/09/2011 QLD - New RTA form The RTA has introduced a new form. more >

1/09/2011 Western Australia - RCDs now mandatory in all rental properties  The Director of Energy Safety Ken Bowron issued a reminder today that all residential rental properties must be fitted with at least two Residual Current Devices (RCDs) protecting power point and lighting circuits. more >

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WANTED Ref: 318
Location: Queensland  - :
Seeking approximately 100 properties within Southport to Labrador area.  more >

FOR SALE Ref: 314
Location: Queensland  - : Sunshine Coast - Noosa
Long established Property Management Agency comprising of approx 225 residential permanent and a handful of holiday managements. Fantastic location opposite the river, extremely low rent and great small team of staff. Fantastic opportunity with motivated seller.  more >

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