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Training/Events :
On-Line Live Principal & Dept. Manager Training

This session is designed to challenge you in the way you manage your team and will guide you through how to improve your internal culture and create productive and profitable property management teams.


Location: All States

Date: 29/07/2013

Time: 10:30am to 12:00pm QLD Time

Event Description
  • Learn how you can choose to be a great leader
  • Learn the dynamics of team morale and how to motivate your team
  • Learn how to implement an action plan to improve your team's morale
  • Learn what motivates your team and how to measure and monitor individual needs
  • Learn how to get the team to embrace change and be progressive
  • Learn how to reward your team
  • Learn the different management styles and how they can impact on your bottom-line results
  • Learn how to empower your team and get them to take responsibility for their own team performance
  • Learn how to incorporate fun into the workplace

  • Step 1 - You will be emailed with a training link the day prior to the on-line training session (Please keep this in your inbox)
  • Step 2 - 10 minutes prior to the session you will need to open the email and click on the link to be invited to the training. Enter your name & email address
  • Step 3 - Our 'meet now' screen will appear on your computer
  • Step 4 - On the right hand side of your 'meet now' screen you will need to change the audio mode to Use Mic & Speakers
  • Step 5 - Our Head Office training screen 'Training PowerPoint' will appear on your screen
  • Step 6 - Ensure your computer speakers are turned on
  • Step 7 - You will hear our trainer
  • Step 8 - The training will commence

Special Note: During the on-line training sessions you will not be able to ask the trainer questions, however, you will be able to type questions into the on-line training portal screen, which the trainer will answer at the conclusion of the session. On the right hand side of your 'Meet Now' screen you will need to open your chat panel.

Cushla Symons (General Manager) - Experienced Property Manager, Licensed Real Estate Agent & Certified Trainer

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