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11/01/2011 PPM Awards October 2011 - December 2011 Winners
To reward outstanding achievements and to create healthy competition and motivation within the department, the PPM Group has established the "PPM Achievement Awards" for all system member offices. more...

10/01/2011 QLD - Flood Disasters: Know your options
Queensland is experiencing one of its worst flooding disasters. With about a third of the state's housing being rented, it's important that everyone understands their options. more...

10/01/2011 QLD - Tenancy Rights and Responsibilities During a Natural Disaster
In times of natural disaster, housing is always one of the biggest issues that a community will face. With around one third of Queenslanders renting their home, it is important that all people who rent or manage a rental property understand what options are available to them. more...

9/01/2011 QLD - Flood Victims to be Cautious of Scammers
The Bligh Government is warning residents in regional Queensland to be on the lookout for dodgy traders following the floods. more...

21/12/2010 NZ - Test your Residential Tenancies Act knowledge
The Department of Building and Housing has launched a series of ten online quizzes to help landlords and property managers build and test their knowledge on changes to the Residential Tenancies Act. more...

19/12/2010 Better deal for consumers - Banning Bank Exit Fees
The little guy has a few more rocks for his slingshot in the fight against the banking Goliaths, after the Federal Government announced its banking reform package this week. more...

16/12/2010 Rents keep pace with capital gains
While capital gains have been undeniably slower over the past few years than they were during the property boom we experienced earlier this decade, a new report from RP Data reveals that this breather in value growth has allowed rents to play catch up. more...

9/12/2010 QLD - Rents remain stable
Median rents in Queensland experienced a modest rise over the last year. more...

7/12/2010 Introduction to the Australian Consumer Law
On 1 January 2011, a single, national consumer protection and fair trading law will commence across Australia. It will mean that businesses only have to comply with one fair trading law, regardless of where they are located in Australia. more...

3/12/2010 NSW - New residential tenancies regime to commence on 31 January 2011
The NSW Government has today announced that the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 and the Residential Tenancies Regulation 2010 will both commence operation on 31 January 2011. more...

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4/04/2014 Ideal Listing Presentation Time and time again I'm asked by property managers what are the main reasons to conduct a listing presentation? Are there any less obvious advantages to a presentation, other than winning a property? more >

1/04/2014 Effectively Managing Rent Arrears In a perfect world we would love to think every tenant is responsible enough to pay rent on time, actually, a high percentage of people are reliable. However, things can turn bad very quickly when circumstances change with your tenants, changes such as job loss, new occupants, mental illness or even death of a tenant. You must be prepared for every possible scenario... more >

24/02/2014 The Things Property Managers Hate To Do While most of us enjoy our job, and wouldn’t dream of trading it for another; there are some things that most property managers absolutely hate to do. While we love meeting new people and enjoy helping them find their perfect home, there are some things that go along with the job many of us hate doing... more >

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