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22/07/2015 QLD - Tenancy Fines Increase
People found guilty of a tenancy offence now face larger penalties... more...

18/05/2015 NSW - Swimming pool laws - 2016 requirements
If you manage buildings or property transactions where there is a pool or spa, you will be aware of swimming pool law requirements... more...

26/02/2015 VIC - New water rating for replacement appliances
A new water efficiency standard now applies to water appliances that are replaced in rental properties. Replacement appliances must have a minimum rating of three stars under the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards scheme... more...

25/02/2015 VIC - Free resource for property managers
Are you currently leasing properties to new tenants? more...

23/02/2015 VIC - Check for smoke alarms in rental properties
Smoke alarms must be installed in all Victorian houses, units, flats and townhouses, to help prevent household fires... more...

22/02/2015 VIC - New system makes it easier to keep your licence up to date
The Business Licensing Authority recently updated its online transaction system for licensed estate agents... more...

21/02/2015 VIC - Protect your business: know your trust account obligations
It is good business to know and understand your legal obligations regarding trust account keeping and auditing practices... more...

9/02/2015 WA - eTransactions system being developed
A new system is being developed to allow agents to transact with the Bond Administrator electronically online... more...

8/02/2015 WA - Using the approved forms
From 1 April 2015 the submission of any outdated and unapproved forms to the Bond Administrator will not be accepted... more...

7/02/2015 WA - Bonds held with a financial institution
For security bonds held in a financial institution in relation to residential tenancy agreements which commenced prior to 1 July 2013, Consumer Protection urges agents to ensure that these security bonds are immediately lodged with the Bond Administrator... more...

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22/06/2016 QLD - Important changes to tenancy database laws Commencement date is 1 July 2016 however the RTA is urging property owners and agents to act now... more >

8/02/2015 WA - Using the approved forms From 1 April 2015 the submission of any outdated and unapproved forms to the Bond Administrator will not be accepted... more >

4/04/2014 Ideal Listing Presentation Time and time again I'm asked by property managers what are the main reasons to conduct a listing presentation? Are there any less obvious advantages to a presentation, other than winning a property? more >

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