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5/02/2019 NATIONAL - Fresh calls for meth tests after poisoned renter forced to abandon her possessions
There are renewed calls for landlords to test for the residue of a potent drug inside their properties after a New South Wales tenant became ill and was forced to abandon her possessions. more...

30/10/2018 NSW - New Online Strata Mediation Portal
If you find yourself involved in negotiating a strata dispute and getting nowhere then the NSW Fair Trading can help. more...

23/10/2018 NSW - Changes allowing tenants to transfer their bond
Win for NSW tenants with bonds poised to be transferrable. more...

23/10/2018 ACT - Tenants to put up pictures and paint homes without landlord permission
Call for ACT tenants to put up pictures and paint homes without landlord permission. more...

23/10/2018 QLD - Rental increases to be capped at one per cent per year
Queensland MP calls for rental increase cap of 1 per cent per year. more...

18/10/2018 NSW - New residential tenancy laws
The NSW Parliament has passed the Residential Tenancies Amendment (Review) Bill 2018. more...

8/10/2018 Dr Property Manager
The landlord consultation... winning new business. more...

8/10/2018 Will you survive the future of property management?
The latest trend of real time connections and communication more...

7/10/2018 WA - Reef's Law: WA tenants can fix TVs, furniture to walls without landlord permission
More new reforms for WA tenants. more...

4/10/2018 NSW - Legislation Reforms | What all property managers need to know
Designed to give more power to tenants, amendments to the current rental legislation have been introduced in NSW and include the ability to break leases without penalty. more...

2/10/2018 QLD - Queensland property owners could be forced to take tenants with pets
Pets in rental properties seems to be a national reform of legislation now. more...

27/09/2018 NSW - Rental reforms get thumbs-up from tenants
The media is relentless in highlighting tenant rights.. I feel for all the property managers who are genuinely enjoying their role and making a difference. more...

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