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11/08/2014 QLD – RTA are taking ahard look at full bond claims
The RTA is urging property managers and owners not to make unnecessary claims for the full rental bond... more...

10/08/2014 QLD – Changes to licencing, appointments and commissions
The Qld government is reducing the red tape for real estate business with important changes coming into effect at the end of the year... more...

31/07/2014 NSW – New FREE Tenancy Complaint Management Service now available
A simple, fast and free service has been launched today to help people with tenancy problems... more...

1/03/2014 NSW - New Condition report for residential tenancies
From 1 March 2014 you must use the new version of the condition report for rental premises... more...

23/02/2014 QLD - Multiple arrears notices signals agent “not serious”, lease termination refused
A Gold Coast agency that served eight rental arrears notices on its residential tenant, without a notice to leave has been held by a court to have “unintentionally signalled” that it was not serious about enforcing the terms of the tenancy agreement... more...

17/02/2014 NATIONAL - New Privacy Laws to commence 12th March
From 12 March 2014, the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) will replace the National Privacy Principles and Information Privacy Principles and will apply to organisations, and Australian Government agencies... more...

12/12/2013 QLD - Qld police recruit real estate agents to help track down backyard drug labs
Queensland police are recruiting real estate agents to help them find and dismantle clandestine drug laboratories. more...

30/10/2013 NSW - More time for backyard pool registration
Important Notice - More time for backyard pool registration... more...

21/10/2013 QLD - Changes to guide dog laws
The Queensland Government has introduced legislation amendments that support the rights of people with a disability who rely on the assistance of guide, hearing or assistance dogs to access residential and holiday accommodation like anybody else. more...

21/10/2013 QLD - From the tribunal: QCAT case study
Jerry and Carol rented residential premises from Alf for two years. After the tenancy expired Alf’s managing agents brought proceedings to QCAT claiming arrears of rent, cleaning costs after Jerry and Carol vacated, and compensation for a damaged lock and a missing hose and fittings. The agent sought an order that the amounts claimed should be subtracted from the tenants’ bond. more...

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4/04/2014 Ideal Listing Presentation Time and time again I'm asked by property managers what are the main reasons to conduct a listing presentation? Are there any less obvious advantages to a presentation, other than winning a property? more >

1/04/2014 Effectively Managing Rent Arrears In a perfect world we would love to think every tenant is responsible enough to pay rent on time, actually, a high percentage of people are reliable. However, things can turn bad very quickly when circumstances change with your tenants, changes such as job loss, new occupants, mental illness or even death of a tenant. You must be prepared for every possible scenario... more >

24/02/2014 The Things Property Managers Hate To Do While most of us enjoy our job, and wouldn’t dream of trading it for another; there are some things that most property managers absolutely hate to do. While we love meeting new people and enjoy helping them find their perfect home, there are some things that go along with the job many of us hate doing... more >

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