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22/07/2015 QLD - Tenancy Fines Increase
People found guilty of a tenancy offence now face larger penalties... more...

18/05/2015 NSW - Swimming pool laws - 2016 requirements
If you manage buildings or property transactions where there is a pool or spa, you will be aware of swimming pool law requirements... more...

26/02/2015 VIC - New water rating for replacement appliances
A new water efficiency standard now applies to water appliances that are replaced in rental properties. Replacement appliances must have a minimum rating of three stars under the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards scheme... more...

25/02/2015 VIC - Free resource for property managers
Are you currently leasing properties to new tenants? more...

23/02/2015 VIC - Check for smoke alarms in rental properties
Smoke alarms must be installed in all Victorian houses, units, flats and townhouses, to help prevent household fires... more...

22/02/2015 VIC - New system makes it easier to keep your licence up to date
The Business Licensing Authority recently updated its online transaction system for licensed estate agents... more...

21/02/2015 VIC - Protect your business: know your trust account obligations
It is good business to know and understand your legal obligations regarding trust account keeping and auditing practices... more...

9/02/2015 WA - eTransactions system being developed
A new system is being developed to allow agents to transact with the Bond Administrator electronically online... more...

8/02/2015 WA - Using the approved forms
From 1 April 2015 the submission of any outdated and unapproved forms to the Bond Administrator will not be accepted... more...

7/02/2015 WA - Bonds held with a financial institution
For security bonds held in a financial institution in relation to residential tenancy agreements which commenced prior to 1 July 2013, Consumer Protection urges agents to ensure that these security bonds are immediately lodged with the Bond Administrator... more...

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8/02/2015 WA - Using the approved forms From 1 April 2015 the submission of any outdated and unapproved forms to the Bond Administrator will not be accepted... more >

4/04/2014 Ideal Listing Presentation Time and time again I'm asked by property managers what are the main reasons to conduct a listing presentation? Are there any less obvious advantages to a presentation, other than winning a property? more >

1/04/2014 Effectively Managing Rent Arrears In a perfect world we would love to think every tenant is responsible enough to pay rent on time, actually, a high percentage of people are reliable. However, things can turn bad very quickly when circumstances change with your tenants, changes such as job loss, new occupants, mental illness or even death of a tenant. You must be prepared for every possible scenario... more >

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